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Manufacturing of Speaker Grille Assemblies for Automotive Interiors

Speaker Grille Assemblies

Over the past 65+ years here at All-Rite Industries, we have developed a niche specialty for manufacturing robust quality speaker grille assemblies that meet the elevated aesthetic standards of automotive interiors. It’s our diligent attention to detail, from incoming material inspections to final quality assessments that make us a market leader for this type of product.

The speaker grille assembly pictured here is an example of the type product we manufacture on a regular basis. It features perforated galvanized steel, high carbon steel spring clips, and polypropylene/polyethylene substrate construction. Primary manufacturing processes included both punch forming and injection molding to create the main components. In additional to dimensional measurement, we conducted rigorous visual inspection to ensure compliance to the color specification no discoloration, scratches, spots, voids, or other imperfections of any kind.

Over the years, this particular client has taken full advantage of our proficiency for manufacturing quality-constructed, aesthetically suitable products that protect speaker internals. Although they have the production resources to potentially create this product internally, this client chooses to outsource fabrication and assembly to us based on the consistent quality of our products, reliable delivery dates, and favorable pricing accomplished by our in-house manufacturing versatility.

To learn more about this project, refer to the table below. If you are interested in additional information about our speaker grille manufacturing and assembly capabilities, Contact us today.

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Speaker Grille Assemblies Project Highlights

Project Name & Description
Speaker Grille Assemblies
Capabilities Applied/ Processes
Injection Molding
Punch Press
Powder Coating
Packaging and Labeling
Overall Part Dimensions
223.5mm x 148.9mm
Material Used
Perforated Galvanized Steel
Polypropylene / Polyethylene
High Carbon Steel
Material Finish
Powder Coating
Zinc Plating
Industry for Use
Automotive Interior
In Process Testing/ Inspection Performed
Sub Components
  • First Piece inspection
  • In processes inspection
Final Assembly
  • Cosmetic/ Visual Inspection
Delivery/ Turnaround Time
2 weeks
Delivery Location
Standards Met
Automotive, ASTM, SAE

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