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Plastic Injection Molding & Stamping of Assist Handles for the Automotive Industry

Assist Handles

At All-Rite Industries, we understand that providing high-quality parts for automotive interiors is of paramount importance to promoting safety and aesthetics. Our cutting-edge technical abilities, which outpace those of other injection molders, have earned us a loyal client base in this very competitive marketplace.

We manufacture, assemble, package, and label the assist handle highlighted here completely in-house in a volume in excess of 250,000 per year. It consists of flexible PVC overmolded onto a stamped, low carbon steel insert as well as injection molded polypropylene components. Color matching the two polymer raw materials is an important aspect towards ensuring the visual continuity of the final product.

Manufacturing this assist handle involves using approximately one pound of flexible PVC per part. One of the challenges is to cool the PVC evenly once it has been ejected out of the mold. If not allowed to cool evenly, the material tends to deform and is prone to blemish. Our tooling engineers designed a special cooling fixture to manage the process and ensure repeatable dimensional integrity and a quality surface finish.

Along with numerous test and measurement checkpoints, our quality assurance procedures include use of spectrophotometers to ensure a precise color match, attribute gauging to validate dimensional integrity of the steel insert prior to overmolding, and 100% inspection of finished product.

The quality and pricing we achieve through our experienced workforce and technological know-how have made us this particular client’s most valued supplier. If you are interested in learning more about this product, or the processes we used to produce it, see the table below or contact us today.

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Assist Handles Project Highlights

Project Name & Description
Assist Handles
Capabilities Applied/ Processes
Punch Press
Plastic Injection Molding
Plastic Injection Over Molding
Packaging and Labeling
Total Weight
1 lb.
Material Used
Low Carbon Steel
Flexible PVC
Industry for Use
In Process Testing/ Inspection Performed
Spectrophotometer (Color Matching)
Attribute gauging for the insert
Visual Inspection
Post Process Gauging
Delivery Location
Standards Met

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