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CNC Wire Forming, Stamping & Welding of Side Shield Seat Assemblies

Side Shield Seat Assembly

At All-Rite Industries, many of our projects involve production quantities in the hundreds of thousands. The technical competencies of our manufacturing team allow us to develop streamlined processes that optimize the use of time and materials while at the same time placing a strong emphasis on quality.

We manufacture the side shield seat assembly pictured here in an annual volume upwards of 400,000 units. Comprised of a low carbon steel wire form and stamped bracket, it features welded construction and an electro-coated plated finish. To ensure 100% product conformance, we developed mistake-proof production strategies throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Our computer-driven wire forming machinery, which operates at accelerated cycle times, includes inline swaging and piercing capabilities, allowing us to create multiple features in a single machining cycle. Using statistical process controls to monitor all critical tolerances ensures that only zero-defect parts proceed to assembly, where we take advantage of the accurate and repeatable performance of robotic welding technology. A customized fixturing solution, which we designed and built in-house, allows us to accurately validate weld quality and position.

As a well-regarded manufacturer of parts and assemblies for automotive interiors, this assembly represents the type of project we really excel at. With our diverse skills mix, we provide full, start-to-finish production and deliver the products to the customer, packaged and labeled, on a just-in-time basis to their facilities in the U.S.A. and Mexico.

If you are interested in learning more about this project or our comprehensive range of manufacturing capabilities, contact us today.

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Side Shield Seat Assembly Project Highlights

Project Name & Description
Side Shield Seat Assembly
Capabilities Applied/ Processes
CNC Wire Forming
Punch Press
Robotic MIG Welding
Packaging and Labeling
Material Used
Low Carbon Steel
Material Finish
Industry for Use
Automotive Industry
In Process Testing/ Inspection Performed
Inspection for the Brackets
Wire Gauge inspection
Fixture for Welding (poka-yoke)
Final Inspection Attribute Gauging
400,000 multiple part numbers
Delivery Location
Standards Met

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